berkeley snapshots no. 04

 Wednesday threw me for a loop, as it was supposed to be the day my aunt would come over and pick me up. But around 8am or so, as I was finishing up a cup of coffee, she called and asked if it would be okay if she came on Thursday instead, since she had to take a friend to an appointment in the bay area anyways. Of course I said yes, that makes complete sense (sounding super practical, while inwardly rejoicing at the prospect of an extra day :)).


  Highlight 01 | Morning coffee, as usual. I could photograph it forever; I love the window, and the table, and the cabinet, and the light, etc. etc.

Highlight 02 | Coffee with Natasha, at the cafe down the street. I did take one picture, but I feel like I might have promised I wouldn’t post it?

 Highlight 03 | The fire escape scene, again.

 Highlight 04 | Quick lunch.

 Highlight 05 | After lunch, I had some time to kill and Micah had class, so I decided to go get an ice cream sandwich. Several months ago Natasha had mentioned in a comment on here that Pacific Cookie Company is where it’s at, so that’s where I went! Both of the girls working were so sweet. I chose to get chocolate ice cream between their new macaroons and that combination pretty much blew both girls away, haha! It was super good.

 Highlight 06 | Taking pictures with Natasha! I already shared a lot of the photos over in this post; go check those out! ;)

 Highlight 07 | Cheese Board for dinner. The original plan of my aunt coming on Wednesday had me super excited for that day’s pizza, so Micah and I decided to ride our bikes there for dinner. Aaahhhh, the pizza was so great, as usual! And the vibe at night is super fun. The lamest part of the evening was when my bike tire went flat and caught me without an air pump, literally right after we started our ride home. We ended up going into a grocery store for cocoa powder and before walking our bikes all the way home.

Highlight 08 | While Micah worked out, I made brownies (with the cocoa powder^^^), which the three of us ate while watching a movie till the wee hours of the night. It was a great last evening :)

+ + + + + + + + + +

Day one. Day two. Day three. Day four. Day five.


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