friday favorites 12.12

IMG_0920I was super good at making notes of some of the great internet things this week as I came across them. By Wednesday, I already had five links accumulated and felt quite on top of everything (including Christmas shopping!). Happy Friday!

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These thoughts on blogging, and one of my favorite parts:

“…no one really knows what they are doing. We’re all just creatives doing what we love, figuring it out along the way. While it might seem that some of us have it all figured out, that certainly isn’t the case.
So instead of telling you what to do, how to run a business, or sharing ‘10 tips to keeping up with two businesses’ (which by the way I believe never works anyway), I am sharing my story, my journey, and things I am experiencing along the way. Make of it whatever you want – just enjoy the story, learn something, or apply it to your own blogging/business journey. It’s up to you.”
-Helena Mueller

These houses.

This Twitter account, on the outside chance that you haven’t already seen it or have forgotten about it.

These thoughts on the season. A thousand yeses.

Future goal: be a good tipper.

A new-to-me blog I’ve been exploring a bit and look forward to exploring further.

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying Sandwich Monday for quite some time now (remember the Cappuccino Lays from last week?) and this week was no letdown. Warning: don’t read it after everyone else in your house has gone to sleep. I laughed so much, my stomach hurt.

And one more laugh, from that time when I fell down the internet hole once again. On The Daily Clog, once again. (#3 and #5 are possibly my favorites.)

This calendar. (Oh, wait.)


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