photo adventure 05

 My latest photo adventure was the creepiest one to date.

 Meegan and I parked and walked on this wooded, creek-side trail (in our birkenstocks and flats… we were clearly not prepared). Eventually, we got to a point on the trail where there was a clearing to the left and the road was visible.

      Across the road is an old abandoned restaurant called Arde’s Villa. It’s a low sprawling building with plants and lights and frescoes… a fancy place in its day, I’m sure. We wandered over to it, and walked up the front path. Dead leaves and branches were under our feet and over our heads. The front door has one broken glass panel, and the inside of the building is clearly visible.

    There are chairs and tables, menus and chandeliers, and a whiteboard is leaned up against on of the walls. There are a million books and crannies, and different levels. We peered in for quite some time and snapped a bunch of photos.

Meegan knows people who have ventured inside before, and when she tried the knob, it opened as easily as if the place was still open for business. It’s like whoever owned it just left and never came back, even to securely close the building. I refused to go inside unless there were at least four guys present… I’m sure if we had came across someone in there I would have died. And I don’t doubt that even if no one currently occupying a corner of the restaurant, at least one person has in the past. I mean, in a storm? It’s the most accessible shelter you could ever hope to find!

    Wandering around the side of the building revealed a large rotunda and vibrant murals on the back fence. Apparently there used to be a swimming pool that’s now filled in.

Not having lived in this town for very long, I don’t know what this place has looked like over the years. But I can tell you that today, it’s a perfectly creepy place to explore with a friend and make up stories about what it might have looked like when it was at its peak.


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