christmas scenes

IMG_9295I’m popping in on a Saturday with some scenes from our Christmas! We had a lovely day, and we did a good job of spreading the festivities out over the course of the whole day. Last year we did everything in the morning as we normally would, which left us with nothing to do in the afternoon except miss our cousins and aunts and uncles and grandma and grandpa so much. That wasn’t very fun.

The day began with coffee and a Christmas podcast.

Then we went upstairs for a special breakfast/brunch made by Grammy and Aunt Dillie. We ate leisurely, and everyone lingered to visit until mid-morning.

IMG_9309IMG_9330IMG_9360IMG_9361IMG_9377Around noon the four of us opened presents by our little Christmas tree. Honestly, that’s always my favorite part :)

IMG_9381IMG_9386IMG_9395In the afternoon we just did random things, had a snack, etc. Prime rib was served as an early dinner, and it was fantastic. (Poor Riley, he wanted prime rib, too. He has those pathetic puppy eyes down pat.)

After dinner we called our family, who was all gathered at my aunt’s house, and proceeded to all be passed around (via phone) from person to person on what ended up being a 2+ hour phone conversation, which is the next best thing to being there, I suppose.

I made pots de creme for dessert, and while everyone and their uncle was apparently watching Into the Woods, we watched National Treasure II.

IMG_9320That was Christmas 2014!


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