favorite moments | 2014

 Gosh, 2014 was a crazy year. I had a super wordy post typed out in which I reflected on the past year, but ultimately decided not to post it. Though I personally benefited from the exercise of going through my year and putting some of its major events into words, it was more than I like to share here.

So instead, I’m going to highlight my favorite moments of 2014, just like I did last year. Because even though 2014 was tough, it still had more beautiful moments than I can count. God is so good and gracious and faithful. I hope you know that.

+ + + + + + + + + +

 One of the best parts of my year was getting to travel home 3 separate times (over 11,000 miles of traveling), totaling 111 days in my favorite place(s). That’s almost ⅓ of a whole year! I’m so thankful.

The other best part was getting to be in two weddings- my best friend’s and my aunt’s! I also got to attend the wedding of a dear old friend as well. Yay for weddings!!

On to a bunch of other favorites:

Meeting Meegan. This happened in February, and she has been such a good friend to me here this year.

 All the rides with my family.

 That time my auntie and grandpa got to come visit us.

These Sundays in the city / 01, 02, 03.
And a Monday in the city.

 And Easter in the city.

And the All Sons & Daughters concert in the city… definitely a favorite moment.

IMG_0542310382300_816807914997188_1898512174596639706_oAll the time spent with Caitie, before and after her wedding. (wedding photo credit: emily jean images)

 All the days in Berkeley with Micah.

This road trip. And a repeat road trip with a Carmel extension.

The Yosemite hike with some of my favorite people.

That time my aunt and I went to Berkeley to have lunch at Cheese Board and spontaneously ended up in the city on Ocean Beach.

Little everyday moments.

 Being home for pluot season. And peach season. And all-the-good-fruit season.

 All the sunsets at home over the coastal range.

Two “Music & Ice Cream” nights.

 These nights.

This photo adventure.

Other notables:

The Olympics were pretty great.
First feature on the VSCO Grid.
All the extended family dinners.
Meeting two internet friends and one phone friend IRL.
Every meal shared with family friends, like the Johnson’s and the Cannella’s and the Monroe’s. I know those names probably mean nothing to you, but to me they mean years and years of treasured friendship. Time spent with all of them (and more!) is a blessing.

I want to know: what was the best part of your year? And if you blogged about it, leave a link so I can see!


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