photo adventure 06

IMG_0660Meegan and I had another photo adventure on Saturday! It was much much less creepy than the last one, but it did involve an alley. So.

IMG_0582IMG_0590We met up at the coffee shop first. Word to the wise: all good photo adventures begin with coffee.

IMG_0599IMG_0603IMG_0604It was a beautiful day and I was dying to walk around and not dying to drive around, so we set off on foot. And reason number 953473498720 why walking is better than driving: you find so much cool stuff that you would never see if you were too busy paying attention to red lights and yellow lights and green lights and the car in front of you, etc. etc. Cool stuff like… a colorful alley.

IMG_0657…And a piano on the street! I played the intro to Boston because I think it’s a happy tune :)

IMG_0637 copyIMG_0639 copyIMG_0624I know these photos are much more us-centric, but what can I say? We both love taking portraits! :)


P.S. All of the photos with me in them were taken by the lovely Meegan Dobson.

9 thoughts on “photo adventure 06

  1. This was such a lovely day! Thank you for being such an incredible friend to me.
    I am glad we got to experience the beautiful weather together.


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