scenes from valentine’s day

IMG_1307Growing up, Valentine’s Day was never a huge thing in my family, though we definitely recognized it. My mom would make paper valentines for me, my brother, and my dad, and in recent years dad has taken us out of town for a special dinner. We don’t put a ton of stock in the holiday, but it is fun to do have an excuse to do something out of the ordinary for a day.

This year Meegan and I, both being happily and enjoyably single (seriously, it’s great), decided to take the entire day and get out of town in celebration/recognition of Valentine’s Day/Singles Awareness Day. We picked Fayetteville as our destination (the major deciding factors being a particular coffee shop and the weather forecast).

It was a perfect, perfect day. And nothing says Valentine’s Day like cruising down the freeway with the windows down singing Sara Bareilles’ King of Anything at the top of your lungs, right? :)

WARNING: Lots of photos (21) after the jump!

IMG_1197IMG_1207IMG_1220We made one stop on the way to see a glass chapel. It’s situated in the woods and surrounded by trees, and it has a lovely view of a lake. The abundance of windows would be a wedding photographer’s dream.

IMG_1237IMG_1240Brunch was in order as soon as we arrived in Fayetteville. We parked up the street because the weather was so perfect that we wanted to walk. It was easy to get distracted by taking too many pictures on our way to the restaurant! Dickson Street was really cute and lively.

IMG_5268IMG_5271After brunch we went in and out of shops, took more photos, and tried not to run into people on the packed sidewalks. I’m not sure if this area is normally that busy or if the crowd was mostly due to the impending Mardi Gras parade.

IMG_1267IMG_1246IMG_1272IMG_1279IMG_1288When our free street parking on Dickson Street was almost up, we headed for coffee. Another friend of Meegan’s drove down to meet us there, and it was fun to make a new friend! We took too many photos of our pretty lattes, and Brooke said, “It looks like we’ve never had coffee before.”

IMG_1289IMG_1305IMG_1308IMG_1309IMG_1318IMG_1322IMG_1343Next we all headed to the square and spent a while leisurely walking the length of each side. There was a bubble machine propelling bubbles across the sidewalk, a cute paper shop, and an art gallery. Also, there were a lot of independent clothing shops with the most adorable dresses which we could not afford. Ha!

IMG_1347All normal people sit on the roof of their store, right?

IMG_1356I hope you had a lovely Valentine’s Day spent with special people.


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