three from the weekend

threefromtheweekend12For the past few days leading up to this weekly post, I’ve been super curious. Each week I’ve been sharing a few things from my weekend, but I want to know what your weekends look like!

Do you stay in and relax? Do you get out and do something fun in your town or nearby? Do you bake? Hang out with friends? Work? Obviously every weekend is different, but I’d love to know what your definition of a weekend well-spent is!

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01 / The latest Bon Appetit came on Friday evening, so I spent part of Saturday morning flipping through its pages.
02 / Channeled my inner kid (it’s not difficult to do) and made plain cheese quesadillas. (With sharp cheddar and homemade tortillas.)
03 / You know when it becomes imperative that you bake something chocolatey? That happened. Also, I find it a little strange that I published that recipe almost one year ago to the day.


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