the ideas i have while working out

IMG_1571In general, I listen to music while I work out. That facilitates one of two things: attempting to sing along while doing sprinter starts or counting reps/seconds. Clearly listening to music is a good idea, because the alternative is silence and that facilitates thinking.

I think about all sorts of things. This morning, I thought about dessert. I thought about how my brother has been after me to make some cinnamon swirl bread. I thought about how I think cinnamon swirl bread is rather dull.

Next, I thought about how I could make a better version of cinnamon swirl bread.

IMG_1585Challah, obviously, is the answer. And cream cheese. These things make a superb bread, with enough swirls to actually qualify it as cinnamon swirl bread.

IMG_1593If you’re interested in recreating it for yourself, I used this recipe from Bon Appetit, hold the chocolate. Then, as if challah needs any help in the richness category, I incorporated one of my favorite cinnamon roll techniques from Joy the Baker- spreading the dough with cream cheese, folding it up, and rolling it out with all of that cream cheese trapped inside all of those layers. [insert heart-eyed emoji]

I’ll work out extra tomorrow and be sure to put some music on.


One thought on “the ideas i have while working out

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