photo adventure 08

photoadventure08Date: March 14, 2015
Time: 6:58pm
Location: Small Town, USA (read: Kansas)

This is the story of how two girls went to the store to buy antifreeze and ended up in Kansas.

+ + + + + + + + + +

photoadventure08Meegan came and stayed with my family from the start of her spring break on Friday until Sunday so she could stay in town to attend a wedding before leaving to visit her family in Colorado.

On Saturday night, my dad helped her check all of the important things one should check for under the hood of one’s car before leaving on a road trip and found she was extremely low on antifreeze.

So I threw on a hat and off we went to the store to buy antifreeze. On the way back, the sunset was so beautiful and we chased it. We turned down a random road and then another.

photoadventure08“Let’s just go to the top of that hill ahead,” I said, “Then we can stop and take a picture.”

Meegan agreed, so we drove to the top of the hill. At the bottom was an intersection and a building that looked suspiciously like one I’d seen in a little town in Kansas. That’s where we were, as it turned out.

photoadventure08photoadventure08photoadventure08photoadventure08photoadventure08photoadventure08photoadventure08It ended up being a super fun, impromptu, iPhone-only photo adventure, when all we set out to do was simply fetch some antifreeze.


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