friday favorites 04.03

frifavePicnic tips.

Visual lesson on proper comma usage.

The psychology of color in branding.

Numbers 1 through 5 could not be any more accurate. THAT’S ME!

Fascinating to watch.

Why millennials understand the future of work better than anyone else.

4 thoughts on “friday favorites 04.03

    • it’s uncanny how spot on those descriptions were, right? no headbands or clips for me either, and only the most minimal of makeup. it’s funny to hear that we’re super alike on those first four points! :)


  1. WAIT I must chime in, that list was literally made for me. My roommates always tease me for my 10 pairs of jeans and assorted tshirts and I still think contouring is witchcraft. (Also don’t be alarmed if you receive several comments because I’m catching up on your blog since I finally have a free minute)

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