on workspaces.

IMG_0939Public is one of my favorite words, especially when it comes to creative workspaces and getting stuff done. Some people need to be alone when they work, but I am not that kind of person. When I need a fresh burst of creativity for a particular project, or have a blog post that needs finishing (or starting), I have to get out of the house.

This week I came across a new-to-me coworking company called WeWork. For a monthly membership fee, they offer access to super cool common workspaces and free coffee, among other features. Sort of like the fitness club I used to go to, except with desks instead of elliptical trainers.

I’d love to visit any of their spaces (especially the Berkeley and Tel Aviv locations) in the future, because I think the concept of a shared working environment is BRILLIANT.

But today I’m talking about my own creative workspace. Currently it’s the local coffee shop, which is as close to a shared workspace as I can get for now. Continue reading

behind the blog.

 On Saturday, I did quite a bit of blog scouring. I was mostly reading a bunch of posts about blogging, just seeking some fresh perspective, motivation, and inspiration.

One idea that stuck out (from this blog) was to give you guys a peek behind this blog. I hope this is as fun for you to read as it was for me to write! Continue reading

liebster blog award

liebsterAfter being nominated for this award over on my food blog, I nominated my friend Caitie of Please, Don’t Sit on the Cactus. Later the next day, Caitie nominated this blog for the award! It felt like a circle, but it’s been fun. Thanks, my dear! :)

What I love about this particular award is that it’s not as much about the blog as it is about the person behind the blog and getting to know them a little better! Leibster translated from German can mean “sweet”, “nice”, “dearest”, etc.

The rules for the Leibster Award vary depending on your source. For our purposes, here’s a quick version you can reference (the numbers can be flexible):

Get nominated.
Answer 10 questions.
Share 10 facts about yourself.
Nominate 10 sweet bloggers.
Write 10 questions for them to answer.
Keep it fun!!

10 random facts about me:

1 | I hate wearing lipstick. It looks pretty; it feels gross.
2 | My iPhone language is set to British English though I’m an American. That’s so I can spell “colour” and “favourite” without autocorrect telling me it’s wrong.
3 | I feel that mornings are not complete without at least two cups of coffee. Sometimes three. Sometimes four.
4 | Occasionally I get in major ruts where I’ll order the same drink from Starbucks like five times in a row, then switch and order a different drink five times in a row, etc.
5 | Old jazz music makes up the bulk of my Pandora stations.
6 | I like to watch holiday Hallmark movies. There. I said it.
7 | I’ve read all of the original Nancy Drew mysteries. Before I got into Nancy Drew, I read all of the Boxcar Children books.
8 | Every time I make scones, I consider creating a paint color which I would call “egg yolks and cream”. No joke!
9 | I’ve been trying to come up with fact #9 for 10 minutes now…
10 | Moving on….

10 questions from Caitie:

1 | What is your goal right now? My immediate goal is to relaunch my Etsy shop. My future goal is to earn my degree. Spring of 2015!!
2 | Random small pleasure? People-watching. (Sometimes I think I’d like to be a spy.)
3 | Stripes or polka dots? I’m torn!!! I love them both!!!
4 | Beach or mountains? Beach beach beach beach beach. Beach.
5 | What is your favorite Saturday morning ritual? I love spending extended time with Jesus before making something special for breakfast. Being able to browse Pinterest while drinking coffee is pretty great too, because I can’t do that on a school day!
6 | How do you feel about calendars? I only buy them for the pictures… no plain black-and-white calendars for me! I have iCal for that :)
7 | What is your favorite holiday tradition? Decorating the tree, drinking hot chocolate, listening to The Christmas Song and other terrific Christmas music, etc.
8 | What countries have you traveled to? Israel :)
9 | What is your favorite book? I could never choose just one! Obviously one answer is the Bible. And my current favorite novel is Against the Tide, but I’ll have a new favorite next month probably.
10 | What is your happiest memory? I have too many to list, but my favorites usually have a common thread- they happen when I’m with my family or friends.

My nominees:

Loving Lola
Serendipities by Design
My Favourite Pastime
Pardon My French

10 questions for my nominees:

1 | What did you wear today?
2 | You find yourself with 15 free minutes- what do you do?
3 | Where is your favorite day-trip location?
4 | How do you feel about crowds?
5 | What is your favorite fruit?
6 | Which countries have you traveled to?
7 | Do you prefer the city or the country?
8 | What is your favorite season?
9 | Of the shoes you own, which are your favorite?
10 | Chocolate or vanilla?