monthly moodboard | march

mar_moodboardMarch is one of those weird months. The kind where everything could be really wonderful (read: plenty of sunshine and the opportunity to wear a dress like in the photo without tights) or everything could be really gloomy. When making the moodboard for this month, I infused plenty of hope for the former situation. Fingers crossed.


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pretty packaging

IMG_1360-1Do you ever buy something strictly based on how it’s packaged? A book because of its cover, a candle because of its jar, or chocolate because of its wrapper?

While I didn’t purchase this chocolate only because it has the prettiest packaging in all of the land (the logo! the patterns! the colors!), I will readily say that that factor played a big part in the final decision.

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the 2015 calendar.

IMG_8384_1It’s finally here! The 2nd-Annual-Free-Printable-Calendar! A new year is upon us (21 days!!), and with this calendar hanging on your wall, you’ll never not know what day it is.

I took the 2015 calendar in about a million different design directions before settling on the final layout you see here (Meegan can attest to this fact, as I was often working on it at the coffee shop before our meetings). Continue reading

new art + sale!

CAPPUCCINOprintIt’s been a while since I shared any new art prints or sales with you guys on here. But today is Cyber Monday, and Society6 is offering free shipping plus $5 off everything, today only. That’s kind of a big deal.

I’ve been working on a major shop refresh lately, so there’s not a ton of stuff in it currently. But there is this brand new cappuccino print, which I am so excited about!! It’s got a bit of a Warhol feel going on, only with coffee, not soup ;)

The cappuccino pattern is available as an art print, phone case, throw pillow, coffee mug, tote bag, t-shirt, note card, wall clock, and more.

Get it while the getting is good!

End of self-promotion, which hopefully is easier for you to read than for me to write.


blurry sf | free iphone wallpaper

wallpaperHappy Monday, friends! I was hoping to get a photo-filled blog post out today, but was thrown a few curveballs which prohibited me from being in front of my laptop (or even sitting down in general) for very long.

However, I wanted to share this one photo with you before the day ends and make it available as a free download for your phone wallpaper! I’ve been enjoying it on my own phone for the past handful of days and I hope you will too :)

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