friday favorites 05.01

frifaveBeauty in graphic/web design [insert starry-eyed emoji].

Families ditch cars for cargo bikes.

The myth of working your way through college. (Lot’s of numbers, but super interesting.)

I love food videos so much.

Santa Barbara weddings, you know?

25 ways to savor spring. (I’ve already done 5!)


monthly moodboard | march

mar_moodboardMarch is one of those weird months. The kind where everything could be really wonderful (read: plenty of sunshine and the opportunity to wear a dress like in the photo without tights) or everything could be really gloomy. When making the moodboard for this month, I infused plenty of hope for the former situation. Fingers crossed.


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on workspaces.

IMG_0939Public is one of my favorite words, especially when it comes to creative workspaces and getting stuff done. Some people need to be alone when they work, but I am not that kind of person. When I need a fresh burst of creativity for a particular project, or have a blog post that needs finishing (or starting), I have to get out of the house.

This week I came across a new-to-me coworking company called WeWork. For a monthly membership fee, they offer access to super cool common workspaces and free coffee, among other features. Sort of like the fitness club I used to go to, except with desks instead of elliptical trainers.

I’d love to visit any of their spaces (especially the Berkeley and Tel Aviv locations) in the future, because I think the concept of a shared working environment is BRILLIANT.

But today I’m talking about my own creative workspace. Currently it’s the local coffee shop, which is as close to a shared workspace as I can get for now. Continue reading

monthly moodboard | february

feb_moodboardHere’s the monthly moodboard! It’s romantic, without being Valentine’s Day-ish. Because as it turns out, people have really strong feelings about that particular holiday that this month is known for, and many of those feelings are the opposite of positive.

I hope this moodboard only evokes good feelings :) Happy February!


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playing with fire.

IMG_8336A couple of days ago we had hamburgers for dinner, and my dad was placed in charge of the grill. He knocked on the window to show us his roaring hot fire… possibly having a little too much fun ;) I decided to grab my camera and take a few photos of the flames… a total departure from the things I usually photograph. But I ended up being super happy with how these turned out! A reward for trying something new/different, I suppose. Continue reading

color love 09

colorloveblushI really like the sound of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s now-famous quote: I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.

However, I personally find it difficult to get excited about October (and fall in general) when all I really want to do is keep eating summer fruits and vegetables and spending time in the sun and wearing shorts and tank tops and open-toe shoes.

If October could feel like this quasi-moodboard, I might be a bit more welcoming. The blush tones and white-grey light project a decidedly fall-ish aura, while hinting at warmer, brighter days.


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P.S. This is a month-related quote I really love.