the best job…

IMG_3837Last month I got to work at two weddings in the Bay Area with the best caterers. My main job once dinner rolled around was serving tables, but before that time, I was asked to photograph appetizers and as many other dishes as possible. I felt super honored to be asked to do that, and prayed for good lighting and good photos :) In the end, I was pleased and Gemma & Murray were pleased, plus I had a ton of fun.

P.S. Those Mango Panna Cottas pictured above? Sometimes I dream about them. Continue reading

beach trip | santa cruz + aptos

 Alternate title: Scenes from the best Wednesday ever.

The only plans we had were to visit Natural Bridges State Beach, cook our lunch on the beach, get coffee at Verve, and hit up some bookstores. We played the rest by ear and had the best day ever. We left around 9am on Wednesday and didn’t return until nearly 1am on Thursday. This is what it looks like when 5 good friends head for the beach… Continue reading

may / the month in instagrams

[This is the post in which I share photos and a candid review of the month. Click on the photos to read the captions.]

M A Y 2 0 1 5

May was another grand month! And only a fraction of the wonderful things made it onto Instagram… so it was even more grand than it appears.


*All photos are from my personal Instagram this month. If you’d like, you can follow my public Instagram @thethoughtfulplate.

hearst memorial mining

hearst memorial miningYesterday was super great. In the morning, I got to meet up with my friend Natasha for coffee and photos. Then in the afternoon, Micah and I headed into the city for a handful of hours.

I have lots of photos to edit and post, but wanted to start with a few scenes from one of the prettiest buildings at Berkeley- Hearst Memorial Mining. All of them were taken on my “real” camera (read: not iPhone), which I lugged around all day and figured I might as well use :) Continue reading

three from the weekend

threefromtheweekend20I did everything this weekend. Farmers market, library, a friends yard sale, tacos, Costco, family dinner with dear friends (we laughed harder than any of us had laughed in a long time), church, lunch with friends, and church again. It was full and wonderful, and I’m simultaneously feeling full of energy and sleep deprived. The next several weeks will be grand.

Also, I know that historically I’ve not been the greatest about blogging while I’m home, but I’m committed to it this time. This venue is wonderful for documentation and I’d like to make sure I have posts to go back and read when I want to remember. I hope you find it maybe even just slightly interesting. And if you don’t, well, that’s fine too! :)

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01 / Lemonade at the farmers market.

02 / Playing a new game with our friends.

03 / A silent spot at church after services.

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photo adventure 09

photo adventure 09Date: April 4, 2015
Time: Approx. 4:30pm
Location: Downtown

These 7 shots are from what was definitely the shortest photo adventure Meegan and I have ever gone on. We parked in two different locations downtown on our way home from Starbucks and had like 30 minutes tops to spend taking photos. Continue reading

day trip / the art museum

IMG_3011Two Saturdays ago Meegan and I ventured out of town for the whole day and went to an art museum. I refer to actions such as this as “sanity management,” or those things you do in order to maintain or restore your mental faculties. It’s nice to have a friend who also occasionally feels the need to get out of this town and see something new and different.

Anyways, we were both visiting this particular museum for the first time, and we loved it. Continue reading