friday favorites 05.15

frifaveYou thought I was going to forget about you today, huh? No way. Here I am! Drinking Tejava, eating a brownie, and pulling together a few of the things I liked this week when I happened to sit down long enough to browse the interwebs. Happy Friday!

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I hardly ever have to tie my shoes (hello, birkenstocks and toms!), but this is for the next time I play tennis.

Five things we can learn about lunch from the French.

What the heck, these photos are stunning.

Unfortunately, there’s so much truth in this infographic.

A solution to the dreaded left turn.

Turn your books into art.

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hearst memorial mining

hearst memorial miningYesterday was super great. In the morning, I got to meet up with my friend Natasha for coffee and photos. Then in the afternoon, Micah and I headed into the city for a handful of hours.

I have lots of photos to edit and post, but wanted to start with a few scenes from one of the prettiest buildings at Berkeley- Hearst Memorial Mining. All of them were taken on my “real” camera (read: not iPhone), which I lugged around all day and figured I might as well use :) Continue reading

april / the month in instagrams

[This is the post in which I share photos and a candid review of the month. Click on the photos to read the captions.]

A P R I L 2 0 1 5 Continue reading