eat | austin, tx

IMG_3600We did not go hungry in Austin, nor were we even slightly disappointed by any of our meals. Everything we ate made me want to further explore the food that Austin has to offer! Continue reading

do | austin, tx

IMG_3579I had way too much fun this month. My extended break from the books combined with 24 much needed days at home has me motivated to really stick with my schoolwork and get. it. done.

If you remember, in August I visited Austin, TX for the first time (such a cool place!) before heading home for a few weeks. Now that I’m back again I’ll be posting about some of the fun things I did on my time off. I’ll tell you what we did and where we ate in Austin, as well as SF and Berkeley. Starting with Austin… Continue reading

day 6 | diagonals

vsco_0-3{i took this photo of random sidewalk lines on our last night in austin while we waited for one hour to get in to a pizza place. it was worth it, by the way.}

I got a few days behind on actually posting pictures, so now I’ll play catch-up :)

day 2 | circles

IMG_3572{the dome at the texas state capitol}

We’ve spent the day in Austin, trying to see as much of this amazing city as possible. We’re only here until tomorrow afternoon- not nearly enough time. I will definitely be back. In a matter of hours Austin slid into a spot on my list of top five favorite cities.

I hope to do a little roundup post soon of where we went today along with some iPhone snapshots. We’re headed out again tonight for pizza and ice cream at two different places on South Congress. Knowing a local has many benefits :)