berkeley snapshots no. 05

durant ave., berkeleyThe final day in Berkeley arrived. I walked with Micah to her first class before revisiting some of my favorite campus spots and soaking up the moments. Then I walked home from Telegraph-ish up Durant instead of Bancroft.

My aunt came. We stuffed my suitcase and bicycle in the back of her Subaru again and headed for- where else?- pizza at Cheese Board, and then ice cream at Tara’s.

It was a happy/sad feeling once we got on 580 and started heading east. On one hand, I was going home, and in time for Thursday night college group at that. On the other hand though, I’m always sorry to leave the bay. I could stay forever. Continue reading


scenes from berkeley [out and about]

 Berkeley is such a fantastic little place on the map. Let’s get out and about today, shall we? Continue reading

cheese board pizza | berkeley, ca

IMG_4354Cheese Board Pizza. I loved the concept first before I ever even tasted the pizza. Tuesday through Saturday, the folks at Cheese Board serve up a different kind of pizza each day. You have no choice, which makes ordering really easy. You either want a whole pizza ($20), a half pizza ($10), or a slice of pizza ($2.50). It’s always meatless, with fresh ingredients and cheese. You can view the current menu at the start of each week to decide which day to go, or just go and be surprised. Continue reading