berkeley snapshots no. 04

 Wednesday threw me for a loop, as it was supposed to be the day my aunt would come over and pick me up. But around 8am or so, as I was finishing up a cup of coffee, she called and asked if it would be okay if she came on Thursday instead, since she had to take a friend to an appointment in the bay area anyways. Of course I said yes, that makes complete sense (sounding super practical, while inwardly rejoicing at the prospect of an extra day :)). Continue reading


cheese board pizza | berkeley, ca

IMG_4354Cheese Board Pizza. I loved the concept first before I ever even tasted the pizza. Tuesday through Saturday, the folks at Cheese Board serve up a different kind of pizza each day. You have no choice, which makes ordering really easy. You either want a whole pizza ($20), a half pizza ($10), or a slice of pizza ($2.50). It’s always meatless, with fresh ingredients and cheese. You can view the current menu at the start of each week to decide which day to go, or just go and be surprised. Continue reading