beach trip | santa cruz + aptos

 Alternate title: Scenes from the best Wednesday ever.

The only plans we had were to visit Natural Bridges State Beach, cook our lunch on the beach, get coffee at Verve, and hit up some bookstores. We played the rest by ear and had the best day ever. We left around 9am on Wednesday and didn’t return until nearly 1am on Thursday. This is what it looks like when 5 good friends head for the beach… Continue reading

scenes from valentine’s day

IMG_1307Growing up, Valentine’s Day was never a huge thing in my family, though we definitely recognized it. My mom would make paper valentines for me, my brother, and my dad, and in recent years dad has taken us out of town for a special dinner. We don’t put a ton of stock in the holiday, but it is fun to do have an excuse to do something out of the ordinary for a day.

This year Meegan and I, both being happily and enjoyably single (seriously, it’s great), decided to take the entire day and get out of town in celebration/recognition of Valentine’s Day/Singles Awareness Day. We picked Fayetteville as our destination (the major deciding factors being a particular coffee shop and the weather forecast).

It was a perfect, perfect day. And nothing says Valentine’s Day like cruising down the freeway with the windows down singing Sara Bareilles’ King of Anything at the top of your lungs, right? :)

WARNING: Lots of photos (21) after the jump! Continue reading

berkeley snapshots no. 04

 Wednesday threw me for a loop, as it was supposed to be the day my aunt would come over and pick me up. But around 8am or so, as I was finishing up a cup of coffee, she called and asked if it would be okay if she came on Thursday instead, since she had to take a friend to an appointment in the bay area anyways. Of course I said yes, that makes complete sense (sounding super practical, while inwardly rejoicing at the prospect of an extra day :)). Continue reading

new art + sale!

CAPPUCCINOprintIt’s been a while since I shared any new art prints or sales with you guys on here. But today is Cyber Monday, and Society6 is offering free shipping plus $5 off everything, today only. That’s kind of a big deal.

I’ve been working on a major shop refresh lately, so there’s not a ton of stuff in it currently. But there is this brand new cappuccino print, which I am so excited about!! It’s got a bit of a Warhol feel going on, only with coffee, not soup ;)

The cappuccino pattern is available as an art print, phone case, throw pillow, coffee mug, tote bag, t-shirt, note card, wall clock, and more.

Get it while the getting is good!

End of self-promotion, which hopefully is easier for you to read than for me to write.


two on tue.

Processed with VSCOcam with f3 presetMy friend Ruth and I had our last coffee date for a little over a month this afternoon, as I’m headed home soon. It was bittersweet; I’m going to miss her so very much! These little “Two on Tue” dates have been my favorite part of the week for almost a year!

This week we documented our time together with our iPhones, since we’re both currently obsessed with Steller. Continue reading

over coffee

IMG_4806It’s been quite some time since I’ve done an Over Coffee post. Honestly, I got a little tired of sharing a bunch of facts about myself without learning anything about you!

The original idea was that I would list a few questions, give my answers, and you’d share your answers in the comments. It would be a sort of Internet conversation… like you’d have over coffee with friends.

When my friend Sarah nominated me for the Liebster Award, I decided to use her questions for an Over Coffee session instead, since I’d already written two awards posts in the same week.

Below are 5 questions from Sarah… leave your responses in the comments! I’d love to read them! I’d even be happy with one-word answers :)

1 | Where is your favorite place to vacation in the summer?

I was homeschooled from K-12, which was awesome for many reasons- one being the fact that we were never restricted to summer-only vacations. Instead, we preferred to go down to Disneyland in early December (the BEST time to go), we’ve stayed at a friend’s house in Morro Bay twice in the off-season, we’ve been to Hawaii in October and November, etc. I always enjoyed doing vacation a little differently. Summer was for swimming in Grandma’s backyard!

2 | What is your favorite animal?

Dolphins. I’ve been fascinated with them forever.

3 | On what day of the week do you feel the most productive?

Monday/Wednesday/Thursday. Oh, and there’s a big difference between being school-productive and creative-productive… for me, at least. Usually those are inversely related…

4 | What’s one thing that makes you smile the most?

Only one thing? Cute kids, among a hundred other things. I smile a lot.

5 | What’s your favorite season of the year? Why?

I think I still have to say summer. Summer is warm and bright, and it feels free. It’s also the best time to swim, to eat ice cream, to drink lemonade, to wear shorts and flip flops, etc.


do | austin, tx

IMG_3579I had way too much fun this month. My extended break from the books combined with 24 much needed days at home has me motivated to really stick with my schoolwork and get. it. done.

If you remember, in August I visited Austin, TX for the first time (such a cool place!) before heading home for a few weeks. Now that I’m back again I’ll be posting about some of the fun things I did on my time off. I’ll tell you what we did and where we ate in Austin, as well as SF and Berkeley. Starting with Austin… Continue reading