on workspaces.

IMG_0939Public is one of my favorite words, especially when it comes to creative workspaces and getting stuff done. Some people need to be alone when they work, but I am not that kind of person. When I need a fresh burst of creativity for a particular project, or have a blog post that needs finishing (or starting), I have to get out of the house.

This week I came across a new-to-me coworking company called WeWork. For a monthly membership fee, they offer access to super cool common workspaces and free coffee, among other features. Sort of like the fitness club I used to go to, except with desks instead of elliptical trainers.

I’d love to visit any of their spaces (especially the Berkeley and Tel Aviv locations) in the future, because I think the concept of a shared working environment is BRILLIANT.

But today I’m talking about my own creative workspace. Currently it’s the local coffee shop, which is as close to a shared workspace as I can get for now. Continue reading


change your view

One of my favorite things to do is blog from Starbucks. I’m actually doing it currently! I also love to come here just to browse Pinterest or other blogs, or read a book. I’ve found that changing up my environment has tremendous benefits for my concentration, creativity, and productivity.

On a day off of school, I could stay home all day and not get anything done at all, or I could come here and suddenly feel focused and inspired. There’s just something about ordering a drink, opening up your laptop and notebook, and turning your table into a mini desk that works wonders. Plus, I love the bustling, noisy atmosphere and all of the foreign faces. Studies have shown that noise is actually good for creativity, contrary to popular opinion.

While brainstorming this post, I came across the coolest website- Coffitivity. If you can’t make it to a coffee shop, this site will play a steady stream of “coffee shop noise”. You provide your own music, and work away! People think of everything, don’t they?

There are several articles linking coffee shops to creativity, like this one and this one.


Photo: Behind the Ferry Building, San Francisco