currently.I didn’t want to go so many days without blogging, but sometimes it can’t be avoided. Like when you have a major test coming up and you’re doubting whether all the studying you’ve done leading up to it did you any good. What if somehow you completely missed everything important?

That’s how I felt all of last week as Human Geography loomed in front of me. But, test day came yesterday, and I passed. It’s hard to describe how that feels for me, though I have briefly written about it before.

To get back in the swing of things, here’s the abridged version of life currently. I haven’t posted one of these in quite some time!

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vsco_0Digging: 1 Corinthians 8-10

Drinking: Coffee.

Eating: Breakfast in about 20 minutes.

Listening: I Will Exalt… it’s my current favorite morning song.

Wearing: We’ll just leave it at pajamas.

Feeling: Beyond excited for the next several weeks.

Weather: Lovely. Perfect.

Needing: To finish packing. No problem though, because I adore packing.

Enjoying: Not having to think about school! It’s glorious, and I’m only on my second day. Yesterday I was sitting in the sun on the patio at 9 o’clock in the morning, just playing guitar and letting the sun and wind dry my hair. Like I said, glorious.

currently // week four

Colossians. It. is. packed.
Drinking: Water, but soon I’ll be drinking a riff on this. One of my favorite desserts!
To a fan and the kitchen faucet… real life.
Wearing: Pajama pants, a Washington, DC t-shirt, and a grey zip-up hoodie.
Colossians, Intimacy with Christ, and a bunch of articles on Social Justice for school.
Weather: Gorgeous.

Wanting: To watch The Princess Diaries. Even though I can practically quote the entire movie. It’s still one of my favorites.

Sunglasses. Truly, it’s become a need now. The sun just keeps getting brighter and it’s turning me into a perpetual squinter.
Enjoying: The beginning of my long weekend.
Loving: Black and white photography. Even black and white food photography, for certain applications!


Photo: The corner of Lombard and Fillmore.

currently // week three

I haven’t been keeping up with this feature lately… I actually kind of forgot that I was going to do it every week. Even if I would’ve kept up it probably wouldn’t have been too terribly interesting. Not that it’s going to be any more interesting now, but I felt like doing it!


Digging: This t-shirt… I will hopefully be purchasing it soon! I love the three American Apparel t-shirts I already have; they’re so comfortable!

Drinking: A mix of Simply Grapefruit and Simply Orange juices. It’s become my favorite nightly ritual.

Listening: to “Sway” as sung by Michael Bublé.

Wearing: a pink sundress.

Feeling: relieved since I passed my first CLEP, but anxious for the next one in a few weeks.

Weather: gorgeous. I wore a tank top yesterday, and today I left the house without a cardigan… which actually turned out to be a mistake, but only because I went to Starbucks and it is always freezing in there.

Wanting: see “digging” above ^

Wishing: that my Etsy shop was a little more popular… not gonna lie.

Enjoying: my semi-day off. It’s almost over :(

Loving: warmer weather!


currently // week two

Digging: Isaiah 49 and Colossians 1:15-23 <3

Drinking: an iced black tea lemonade at Starbucks. I get a tall with light ice and 1 scant pump classic. (And yes, I totally use the word “scant” when ordering.)

Eating: nothing, because I forgot to grab a Clif Bar on the way out of the house. Darn.

Listening: to “Beyond the Sea” on Pandora. I really like this song- it’s cute :)

Wearing: straight dark jeans (I always cuff them), a white shirt, greenish cardi, and a trench coat- ‘cause it’s super cold in Starbucks today, and I’m drinking an iced drink. 

Reading: lots of Scandinavian design blogs in my free time. I’m obsessed!

Feeling: like it should be spring already! I mean, I know today’s the first day technically, but it needs to feel like spring.

Weather: chilly, but deceivingly sunny.

Wanting: to be home for opening day of the farmer’s market. If it sounds kind of lame, I apologize. But it’s true.

Needing: some extra free time. 

Wishing: that I could travel overseas again soon. I just watched a movie set in Ireland, and now I really want to go there! Plus, houses are pretty reasonable on Airbnb!

Thinking: about how lovely this little Starbucks break is in the middle of my week. I should do it more often.

Enjoying: walks down the road after dinner. The Italians call it a passeggiata, which sounds totally legit.

Loving: how many pretty pictures reside on the internet.

currently // week one


Digging: 1 & 2 Corinthians.

Drinking: lots of water, as usual.

Eating: a handful of walnuts every morning (from the Johnson ranch :)).

Listening: to college lectures, Reality SF podcasts, and some sort of jazz on Pandora, be it Michael Bublé or Frank Sinatra

Wearing: my “house clothes”- well-loved denim crops, high school Mexico trip t-shirt, and a comfy blue-grey zip-up hoodie from Gap.

Reading: the Bible, a Grace Livingston Hill novel, and Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire… oh, and a ton of material for school!

Feeling: faintly pressured by school, and confused by a question I have to write an answer to regarding transcendentalism. 

Weather: a bright, sunshiny day!

Wanting: in-person coffee dates with my dear friends.

Needing: to be more focused during the day. 

Wishing: I could see the Bay Lights in person. Soon, I hope!

Thinking: about how I’m going to get through the next 11 days of school.

Enjoying: evenings. Especially the part where I finally crawl in bed and watch 15 minutes of The Clock before conking out.

Loving: posting on my blog!

Photo: The Pacific Ocean, as seen from the California coast somewhere between Cambria and Avila Beach