berkeley snapshots no. 01

 As much as the idea of real-time blogging appeals to me, we just don’t get along very well. That’s what Instagram is for… though even with that I’ve been known to employ the occasional #latergram. While I was in Berkeley recently, I would’ve liked to have composed a neat post of the day’s events each day before bed, but when faced with the option of blogging or baking random muffins because they sound good at 8:30pm, I chose baking. What can I say?

Anyways, it’s taken me a little bit to get all of my photos edited and then to decide the best way to organize these posts. I still don’t know, so I’m just jumping in! Here goes… Continue reading


scenes from berkeley [out and about]

 Berkeley is such a fantastic little place on the map. Let’s get out and about today, shall we? Continue reading

ice cream shops you should know about

Processed with VSCOcam with f1 presetIce cream is one of my favorite things. I eat it year-round and consider it appropriate always, even in colder months. My philosophy? Some months are best for eating ice cream outside, and other months are best for eating ice cream inside.

This month has been so full that I feel sort of lost when it comes to relaying events here on my blog. I’ve been looking for themes to break posts into, and one emerged very quickly… ice cream. Here are three places I love that you should know about (and visit if you have the chance).

As an added plus, all three of these shops use fresh, local, and organic ingredients to make their ice creams! Continue reading

san francisco, part two.

Processed with VSCOcam with b2 presetThe alternate title for this post was “Everyone Should Do It Once”, but I’m a very symmetrical person, so I stuck with the title as you see it. My opinion still stands, however. Everyone should do this (at least) once in their lifetime: a sunset picnic in the Presidio. Oh my word. I just really wish you can do this, because no picture can capture the size and color of the golden sun as it slips behind the fog and into the ocean. No picture can capture the dancing, iridescent water. Continue reading

favorite places // israel

First up in the “Favorite Places” series is Israel. I’ve been wanting to go back so badly, and I actually wouldn’t even be opposed to staying in an apartment for 6 months in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv! Crazy idea, right? I know, and it’s probably not going to happen, but I’m just sayin’. So here goes- the first episode this new series!

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favorite places

IMG_1202My iPhoto library is full of so many pictures documenting many travels over the past several years, starting when I received my first digital camera. Looking back over these photos is sometimes painful, but encouraging when I’m able to see how far my photography has come. (And it’s still not even close to what I wish it would be!)

More than 12,000 photos make their home in my photo library. Many crooked, poorly lit, badly composed amateur snapshots dwell there alongside some real gems. But the memories associated with all of these pictures are so dear to me. I can remember exactly where I was standing and what was taking place around me as I captured many of them. Whenever I get an itch to go to one of my favorite places again, I browse through them and let all those memories flood my mind.

There are several places I’d like to be currently, so I thought it might be fun to do a little traveling feature. I’ll get to share some of my favorite pictures from some of my favorite places on earth, and hopefully you’ll enjoy seeing them. Stay tuned for Location #1!


Photo: Baker Beach, San Francisco