friday favorites 05.01

frifaveBeauty in graphic/web design [insert starry-eyed emoji].

Families ditch cars for cargo bikes.

The myth of working your way through college. (Lot’s of numbers, but super interesting.)

I love food videos so much.

Santa Barbara weddings, you know?

25 ways to savor spring. (I’ve already done 5!)


friday favorites 03.20

frifaveHappy Friday, friends! I hope you all had wonderful weeks, wherever you happen to be.

I spent quite a bit of time outside this week, playing tennis and riding bikes. One day I even took my morning workout outside! Yay!

A personal design project and a fun side project for a friend has also kept me busy on the “work” front. I’m hoping to share some work-in-progress glimpses of the personal project here in the next couple of weeks, so be on the lookout for that :)

In the meantime, enjoy some links. And happy weekend.

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three from the weekend

threefromtheweekend1501 / It rained a bit, but I loved it because it felt like winter at home (read: rain, 55 degrees) and I got to wear my TOMS.
02 / On Saturday I played guitar outside and it was grand.
03 / Meegan and I squeezed in a photo adventure without even trying! More photos soon.


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P.S. For more weekend snapshots, check out my story on Steller! Happily, the hashtag challenge this week is #stellerweekend :)

friday favorites 02.27

frifaveList of cities most concerned about eating organic food.

My bestie wrote a book review and now I want to read Attachments.

Molly Yeh went to Europe on her honeymoon and wrote about Vienna this week. The photos make me want to head there stat.

Feeling good? How does your state rank?

I love the side-by-side comparison.

Natasha + London + film.


friday favorites 02.13

frifaveFriday Favorites has a new look! For now, at least. I’ve been thinking about nixing the random photos and giving this weekly feature it’s own identity. But believe me, random photos will absolutely still have their place here ;)

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These photos do Yosemite justice.

In terms of large chains, I’m a Peet’s person myself.

Good Instagram tips!

I love that they call it Singles Awareness Day.

Note to self: you should work out more regularly.