friday favorites 02.13

frifaveFriday Favorites has a new look! For now, at least. I’ve been thinking about nixing the random photos and giving this weekly feature it’s own identity. But believe me, random photos will absolutely still have their place here ;)

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These photos do Yosemite justice.

In terms of large chains, I’m a Peet’s person myself.

Good Instagram tips!

I love that they call it Singles Awareness Day.

Note to self: you should work out more regularly.


friday favorites 01.30

follow the ikea arrow.These words.

So basically I learned that every time I go to the coffee shop I break the law. (Because I don’t even know how many blocks I’d have to walk in opposite directions to even find a real, painted crosswalk. That’s a town with an overall walkscore of 32 for you.)

Funny all the way through: Men’s Illustrated Guide to Buying Flowers.

This GIF essay will not give you a good feeling.

A straight up time-waster. (But I got 10 out of 10!!)

Hahahahahaha. What is this world coming to?


friday favorites 01.23

 We are not our jobs. #identity

Considering how much ice cream I’ve been making lately, I need this information.

I’m partial to the makeshift double-boiler method, but this looks so fun!!

I wonder.

Ojai has been popping up so much lately on different blogs I follow. Maybe it’s a sign. I want to go.

Go pick mushrooms.

Cycling: “a harmony of diversity.”

And finally, I’ve really been enjoying the work of Jessie Webster this week.


friday favorites 01.02

 Hello! I trust everyone is having a super year so far. My 2015 has already had a strange moment, a handful of wonderful moments, and maybe two lame moments. I’m seriously hopeful in 2015. It’s gonna be good.

Truthfully, I haven’t really been getting around much on the internet this week. I’ve been baking a cake and making other food, getting pictures taken with said cake, hanging out with my family, etc. And today, I’ve been reading Top With Cinnamon from cover-to-cover (my parents gave a copy to me for my birthday!), drinking peppermint tea, and rebranding the local coffee shop (for fun).

All that to say- I have a shamefully low number of links to share. I almost skipped this post today, but decided that would be a very poor start to 2015. So. Some links. Continue reading

friday favorites 12.05

 I decided it’s been way to long since we’ve had a list of friday favorites (October!!). So here’s a short list of a few great things from the web over the past few weeks… happy reading! Oh, and happy weekend :)

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From one of my current favorite blogs… thoughts on giving gifts.
Infographic! This one is… enlightening.
I am so ready to live in a walkable city.
How famous artists would plate Thanksgiving dinner. (So good!)
A laugh.