may / the month in instagrams

[This is the post in which I share photos and a candid review of the month. Click on the photos to read the captions.]

M A Y 2 0 1 5

May was another grand month! And only a fraction of the wonderful things made it onto Instagram… so it was even more grand than it appears.


*All photos are from my personal Instagram this month. If you’d like, you can follow my public Instagram @thethoughtfulplate.

photo adventure 09

photo adventure 09Date: April 4, 2015
Time: Approx. 4:30pm
Location: Downtown

These 7 shots are from what was definitely the shortest photo adventure Meegan and I have ever gone on. We parked in two different locations downtown on our way home from Starbucks and had like 30 minutes tops to spend taking photos. Continue reading

three from the weekend

threefromtheweekend1501 / It rained a bit, but I loved it because it felt like winter at home (read: rain, 55 degrees) and I got to wear my TOMS.
02 / On Saturday I played guitar outside and it was grand.
03 / Meegan and I squeezed in a photo adventure without even trying! More photos soon.


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P.S. For more weekend snapshots, check out my story on Steller! Happily, the hashtag challenge this week is #stellerweekend :)

the one in iphone photos.

 My Grammy and I began to brainstorm a fun little trip we could take while I was home. Napa and Carmel were contenders, but I didn’t necessarily want to be gone for too long, and both of those locations, though doable in just one day, would’ve benefited from at least one night away.

Under any other circumstances I would’ve jumped at the chance of a two or three day trip, but I had too many favorite humans to spend time with in the valley, so a one-day coastal road trip was decided on.

Pacifica to Santa Cruz on Highway 1, just the two of us, with the hills on our left and the ocean on the right… basically the best. Continue reading

twosday | symmetry

twosday | symmetry twosday | symmetry The prompt for Twosday this week excited me when I first read it, and then I ended up having the hardest time deciding which pictures to use! In the end I settled on these semi-portraits. They make use of natural lines and shadows- two of my favorite elements.

Twentieth Street

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