photo adventure 06

IMG_0660Meegan and I had another photo adventure on Saturday! It was much much less creepy than the last one, but it did involve an alley. So. Continue reading

senior photos | pristine

IMG_7276Taking photos of Pristine was a lot of fun. She reached out and asked if I’d take her senior pictures after she saw the photos I took for my friend Hannah (they know each other from school).

We were working fast to beat the light, and still managed to get quite a few good shots! She’s a genuinely sweet and friendly girl, and it was so fun to meet her in person for the first time. Continue reading

senior photos | hannah

IMG_5959-1I’ve always said I’d never shoot people (with a camera… I assume that sort of statement probably warrants clarification), but I’ve done it. First I shadowed my friend, Meegan, at a wedding, and last week I completed my first ever solo senior photo shoot. I couldn’t have asked for better “clients” than my sweet friend, Hannah, and her mother! Thanks for being lovely, you guys :) Continue reading

twosday | symmetry

twosday | symmetry twosday | symmetry The prompt for Twosday this week excited me when I first read it, and then I ended up having the hardest time deciding which pictures to use! In the end I settled on these semi-portraits. They make use of natural lines and shadows- two of my favorite elements.

Twentieth Street

Visit Stephanie’s blog to read the simple guidelines and themes, grab your camera, and link-up! :)


my portraits.

 At the request of my friend, Sarah, here are the photos Meegan took of me on Saturday. She’s a talented photographer, having even jumped into possibly one of the scariest sectors of professional photography- weddings! In the past several years I’ve only had photos taken of me twice, so this was a lot of fun, even though I generally like to stay on the other side of the camera :)

Meegan took all of the photos in this post, and I edited them. Click through to see the gallery… Continue reading

meegan / portraits

 Besides taking pictures of things yesterday, Meegan and I also did mini portrait sessions for each other! They were completely impromptu and unplanned, but so fun! This was actually the first time I’ve taken “real” portraits and not just iPhone photos of friends ;) It’s definitely something I’d like to practice more and get good at. If that happens though, I’ll probably have to buy some glasses. Hours of editing is rough on the eyes!

Click through to view the gallery… Continue reading