photo adventure 09

photo adventure 09Date: April 4, 2015
Time: Approx. 4:30pm
Location: Downtown

These 7 shots are from what was definitely the shortest photo adventure Meegan and I have ever gone on. We parked in two different locations downtown on our way home from Starbucks and had like 30 minutes tops to spend taking photos. Continue reading

photo adventure 08

photoadventure08Date: March 14, 2015
Time: 6:58pm
Location: Small Town, USA (read: Kansas)

This is the story of how two girls went to the store to buy antifreeze and ended up in Kansas. Continue reading

photo adventure 02

 There’s a fairly good chance that if you find yourself behind or in front of me in a long line, and if you appear at least moderately friendly, I’ll probably say something to you. Something like, “Hi” or “Lines at craft stores are always so long, right?”

I do this because I like to talk to people. Some people don’t like to talk to me, and that’s fine (singular, but fine). But if you’re cool with it, we could most likely have a great conversation that would make the line seem shorter for both of us. Continue reading