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IMG_4806It’s been quite some time since I’ve done an Over Coffee post. Honestly, I got a little tired of sharing a bunch of facts about myself without learning anything about you!

The original idea was that I would list a few questions, give my answers, and you’d share your answers in the comments. It would be a sort of Internet conversation… like you’d have over coffee with friends.

When my friend Sarah nominated me for the Liebster Award, I decided to use her questions for an Over Coffee session instead, since I’d already written two awards posts in the same week.

Below are 5 questions from Sarah… leave your responses in the comments! I’d love to read them! I’d even be happy with one-word answers :)

1 | Where is your favorite place to vacation in the summer?

I was homeschooled from K-12, which was awesome for many reasons- one being the fact that we were never restricted to summer-only vacations. Instead, we preferred to go down to Disneyland in early December (the BEST time to go), we’ve stayed at a friend’s house in Morro Bay twice in the off-season, we’ve been to Hawaii in October and November, etc. I always enjoyed doing vacation a little differently. Summer was for swimming in Grandma’s backyard!

2 | What is your favorite animal?

Dolphins. I’ve been fascinated with them forever.

3 | On what day of the week do you feel the most productive?

Monday/Wednesday/Thursday. Oh, and there’s a big difference between being school-productive and creative-productive… for me, at least. Usually those are inversely related…

4 | What’s one thing that makes you smile the most?

Only one thing? Cute kids, among a hundred other things. I smile a lot.

5 | What’s your favorite season of the year? Why?

I think I still have to say summer. Summer is warm and bright, and it feels free. It’s also the best time to swim, to eat ice cream, to drink lemonade, to wear shorts and flip flops, etc.


liebster blog award

liebsterAfter being nominated for this award over on my food blog, I nominated my friend Caitie of Please, Don’t Sit on the Cactus. Later the next day, Caitie nominated this blog for the award! It felt like a circle, but it’s been fun. Thanks, my dear! :)

What I love about this particular award is that it’s not as much about the blog as it is about the person behind the blog and getting to know them a little better! Leibster translated from German can mean “sweet”, “nice”, “dearest”, etc.

The rules for the Leibster Award vary depending on your source. For our purposes, here’s a quick version you can reference (the numbers can be flexible):

Get nominated.
Answer 10 questions.
Share 10 facts about yourself.
Nominate 10 sweet bloggers.
Write 10 questions for them to answer.
Keep it fun!!

10 random facts about me:

1 | I hate wearing lipstick. It looks pretty; it feels gross.
2 | My iPhone language is set to British English though I’m an American. That’s so I can spell “colour” and “favourite” without autocorrect telling me it’s wrong.
3 | I feel that mornings are not complete without at least two cups of coffee. Sometimes three. Sometimes four.
4 | Occasionally I get in major ruts where I’ll order the same drink from Starbucks like five times in a row, then switch and order a different drink five times in a row, etc.
5 | Old jazz music makes up the bulk of my Pandora stations.
6 | I like to watch holiday Hallmark movies. There. I said it.
7 | I’ve read all of the original Nancy Drew mysteries. Before I got into Nancy Drew, I read all of the Boxcar Children books.
8 | Every time I make scones, I consider creating a paint color which I would call “egg yolks and cream”. No joke!
9 | I’ve been trying to come up with fact #9 for 10 minutes now…
10 | Moving on….

10 questions from Caitie:

1 | What is your goal right now? My immediate goal is to relaunch my Etsy shop. My future goal is to earn my degree. Spring of 2015!!
2 | Random small pleasure? People-watching. (Sometimes I think I’d like to be a spy.)
3 | Stripes or polka dots? I’m torn!!! I love them both!!!
4 | Beach or mountains? Beach beach beach beach beach. Beach.
5 | What is your favorite Saturday morning ritual? I love spending extended time with Jesus before making something special for breakfast. Being able to browse Pinterest while drinking coffee is pretty great too, because I can’t do that on a school day!
6 | How do you feel about calendars? I only buy them for the pictures… no plain black-and-white calendars for me! I have iCal for that :)
7 | What is your favorite holiday tradition? Decorating the tree, drinking hot chocolate, listening to The Christmas Song and other terrific Christmas music, etc.
8 | What countries have you traveled to? Israel :)
9 | What is your favorite book? I could never choose just one! Obviously one answer is the Bible. And my current favorite novel is Against the Tide, but I’ll have a new favorite next month probably.
10 | What is your happiest memory? I have too many to list, but my favorites usually have a common thread- they happen when I’m with my family or friends.

My nominees:

Loving Lola
Serendipities by Design
My Favourite Pastime
Pardon My French

10 questions for my nominees:

1 | What did you wear today?
2 | You find yourself with 15 free minutes- what do you do?
3 | Where is your favorite day-trip location?
4 | How do you feel about crowds?
5 | What is your favorite fruit?
6 | Which countries have you traveled to?
7 | Do you prefer the city or the country?
8 | What is your favorite season?
9 | Of the shoes you own, which are your favorite?
10 | Chocolate or vanilla?


over coffee // week eleven

over coffee

Hello! I’m finally on time today :) Remember to join in the conversation by leaving your answers in the comments!


01 // What’s the most creative thing you’ve done recently?

I started this blog. It’s caused me to be more aware of things around me, and I feel more inspired. P.S. Last year, my answer to this question was pretty fun… I got to attend a Maker Faire! People do THE most creative things, it’s ridiculous! Maybe sometime I’ll write about a few of the things I saw.

02 // What’s your hairstyle?

Long-ish, parted on the side, thick, and wavy-ish. It can also be straight if I blow dry it, or curly if I curl it.

03 // What motivated you today?

LONG WEEKEND! Woohoo!! I can hardly stand it.

I hope to be back a little later on with another “Currently” post as a sort of quick update. Fingers crossed! :)


over coffee // week ten

over coffeeI am lame. I stood you up all weekend. We had a date for Friday and I didn’t show up. Saturday came and went and I still didn’t appear. I wish I had a convincing excuse, but I don’t.

On Friday I basically cooked all day. It was amazing and therapeutic and resulted in content for three food blog posts, and that never happens. I also found a new photo setup in my kitchen that I like. Convenient lighting has been one of the biggest obstacles for me to overcome in regards to my food blog, so I hope that this arrangement will work long term.

Saturday started at the farmer’s market, continued with a trip to Old Navy and Target, and ended with a Starbucks blogging session.

Right now I’m anxious about a test tomorrow… not really about the test per say, but whether or not I’ll be able to take it. The hours at the college changed and I was unaware, so when I tried to call on Friday to make the appointment for Monday, I discovered that they’re now closed on Fridays. So I’ll be calling at 7:00 tomorrow morning and hopefully be able to schedule the test for the afternoon. I hope, I hope, I hope.

Anyways… with the test hopefully behind me, we have dinner with friends tomorrow, I get Tuesday off, and then I start a new course on Wednesday! I’m praying for a balanced week. Lately there have not been enough hours in the day!

I hope you all had a beautiful week, and that this upcoming week will be even better.


1 // What was your favorite day this week?

Today (May 16)! I scored a 92% on my Sociology practice test, and took my brother to Starbucks for tea.

2 // Today (May 17) you got rid of…

Trash that has been collecting in my purse for a while.

3 // What’s the most creative thing you’ve done recently?

Hmmm. The most creative? I guess I’d have to say rigging up some miscellaneous items to make a photo set in the kitchen. One day I’ll show a picture of it… maybe. The only thing I’ll say is that it’s pretty ghetto, but at least it works.


over coffee // week nine

over coffee
I studied so hard this week. It was exhausting, but that just makes the weekend so much better. Today I have absolute nothing that has to be done, and it feels wonderful.

Somehow I made it through a whole week without posting on here, and I’m sorry. I wanted to post everyday but obviously that didn’t work out!

Even though this week was crazy busy, it had a few highlights… the first one was coffee with a new friend on Tuesday. The second one was Bible study on Wednesday. I went alone and it was so sweet, as was the drive home with all the windows down and the sunroof open. The third highlight was dinner with friends on Thursday, which may or may not have included an impromptu worship session on the deck, a few amazing tacos, and several beignets. The final highlight came yesterday… my mother bought a Canon Rebel XS camera body from our friend, and we’re both going to use it. Technically it’s hers though, because she payed for it ;) She already has 2 nice lenses for her film Canon, so it worked out great. I can’t wait to start learning how to use it on manual.

How was your week? Do you have exciting plans for the weekend?



I’m grabbing this week’s questions from Plinky.com, which, if you’ve never heard about it, is a terrific resource and springboard for people with writer’s block!

1 // Early bird, or night owl?

I’m sort of both. I like waking up early and now since school started I’ve been going to bed a little later than usual. Usually my family watches something on TV until 9:30, and it’s not unusual for me to stay up reading for another hour. I have to get the most time out of my days!

2 // What do you display on the walls of your home room?

Sweet photos of places and people I love, and one piece of artwork, which I made with Caitie last summer ;)

3 // Have you ever had a random encounter with a stranger that stuck with you?

I know I’ve had a few, but here’s the first one that came to mind: I’ve had this habit of smiling at practically everyone I see since I was really young. So once, when I was maybe 10 or so, I was sitting in a restaurant on Pier 39 with my family. We would always sit by the window, and the elevation was such that when you looked out of the window, the people walking by on the pier were below you. This particular time, I was looking out the window as usual, and an older gentleman with white hair happened to be walking by. I smiled (of course) and he totally stopped walking, smiled back like he knew me, and then waved. I just kept smiling, and then he walked past. Random? Yes. But I’ve never forgotten it!

Please leave your answers in the comments! :)

over coffee // week eight

over coffee

It’s the weekend!! For some reason, that fact is making me so happy right now… and I didn’t even have a hectic week or anything! I’m looking forward to catching up on my favorite blogs, grabbing a half-price frappuccino with my brother, and other generally enjoyable activities.

What are your plans for this weekend??


1 // What “type” of person are you?

In regards to personality, I’m like exactly in between a Type A and a Type B!

2 // Messy or neat?

Neat… as often as possible ;)

3 // When was the last time you went swimming?

It was last July in Corpus Christi.


over coffee // week seven

over coffee
What a week. In one way it feels like it lasted forever, yet in another way it flew by. Oh well. Tomorrow’s Saturday and I’m glad.

All week I’ve been studying studying studying for my upcoming CLEP test. It’s scheduled for Monday, but I’ll only take it if I get a passing score on the official full-length practice test from the CLEP handbook. I think I can do it. I really like to read, and I really like literature, but I must confess that after reading some of the passages in the practice tests I’ve been taking I find myself wishing there was a little less “high faluting mumbo jumbo” involved.

In other news, the highlight of my week was making my very first two batches of macarons on two different days. It felt great to be in the kitchen trying something new and unfamiliar. I do not have them down by any means, but they taste great, and I’m looking forward to mastering them eventually!

Let’s dive into the questions for this week! Remember to put your own answers in the comments!


1 // What do you want to say when someone asks “What do you do”?

My two attempts at macarons this week really made me want to work in a bakery… like Miette or something!

2 // Who do you need to call?

I need to call Caitie. It’s been waaaaayyyy too long because we haven’t been able to properly sync our days for the past couple of weeks. I also need to call Danae. I called her on February 28 (her birthday) and then I just happened to call her on March 28 (seriously!)… this month the 28th is a Sunday, so we might have to switch it up a bit, but it’s time :)

3 // How much spare change do you have?

$0.00. I rarely carry change in my purse for more than a day. It usually goes straight to the jar on my nightstand for safe-keeping.


over coffee // week six

over coffee

Hello! As you see, I had to postpone our coffee date… I hope you don’t mind!

Yesterday I ditched school and went out of town with my family, so needless to say, I was busy all day. It was like an early weekend for me… only now today doesn’t really feel all the way like a Saturday because I spent the whole morning on school to catch up! But I’m going to make the most of it, and yesterday was worth it.

One of the highlights of my day yesterday was definitely a Cocoa Chewy cookie at Whole Foods. I got one to go with my Americano from Starbucks for the drive home- the perfect combination! So good.

Speaking of the Cocoa Chewy, I realized after I decided on it that it happened to be gluten-free. I was glad, because for the past month or so, I’ve been on a “low gluten” diet. I know that’s not really a thing… technically you’re either gluten-free or you aren’t. But I’m breaking the mold and going mostly gluten-free, because of how it makes me feel. It would be extremely difficult for me to go completely gluten-free, especially in the presence of this bread and the pizza I ate at Whole Foods right before choosing the cookie. Ha!

I hope to be back later today, maybe with some inspiring links? For now, I’ll leave you with this week’s questions…


1 // If you could acquire a talent (without any extra effort), what would it be?

Well, among many things, I’d really love to be fantastic at hand-lettering. You know, the fancy kind :)

2 // What do you think is your biggest shortcoming?

I have many, but right now, effective studying and time management… like, deciding exactly what to study and how much time to devote to it.

3 // How many times did you curse today?

The day is not over yet, but I can assure you, none.


over coffee // week five

over coffee

I am completely shocked at how fast this week went by! I blinked once and now it’s time for another coffee date! Last night as I was falling asleep, I actually panicked that it was Friday night and I’d forgotten. It only took me a second to realize it was only Thursday :)

School has kept me super busy since Tuesday. I am currently studying for the Analyzing & Interpreting Literature CLEP, and I’ve identified that poetry is my weak spot. Sparknotes will most likely be my best friend for the next 2 weeks! Do you have any favorite poems? Why are they your favorite?

I’m looking forward to a weekend with minimal school, lots of relaxing and creating, possibly a few hours at Starbucks, and hopefully some Costco and Trader Joe’s.


1 // (April 06) What was the last take-out meal you ordered?

I can’t remember! We never really had take-out, except pizza :) But I can’t even remember the last time we got pizza! We make it at home a lot now.

2 // (April 10) What chore did you ignore today?

Haha, I don’t really have chores either! It just was never something we really did. Basically, my mom or dad would ask me to do something, like unload the dishwasher, and I’d do it. But I did make my bed, which I guess could be considered a chore?

3 // (April 12) What is a new fact you recently learned?

Alfred Nobel invented dynamite! If I knew that before, I forgot!

Happy weekend!!