three from the weekend

threefromtheweekend1501 / It rained a bit, but I loved it because it felt like winter at home (read: rain, 55 degrees) and I got to wear my TOMS.
02 / On Saturday I played guitar outside and it was grand.
03 / Meegan and I squeezed in a photo adventure without even trying! More photos soon.


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P.S. For more weekend snapshots, check out my story on Steller! Happily, the hashtag challenge this week is #stellerweekend :)

the august break | yellow

IMG_1056I don’t know if this is considered cheating according to the rules of The August Break, but I’m using a picture I took last spring to fulfill the “yellow” prompt. I might as well have taken it this week though, because it’s sat in iPhoto for over a year and I never gave it a second glance… until Thursday.

I don’t even know why it finally jumped out at me, but when it did I said, “Hey! I really like this picture!”

Sure, it was taken out of a wet car window, but I personally love the out-of-focus raindrops. And could that yellow car have picked a better time to pull up to the toll booth?