friday favorites 05.29

frifaveSomewhat healthy chocolate chip cookies to try.

How to reduce your water consumption.

My kind of recipe.

This Steller story.

Sunol is a beautiful place and this house is cool.

I like to think there would be less of a lot of bad things if we all took time for fika.

And I’ll end on a gem from The Onion

Happy weekend!!


friday favorites 05.22

frifaveI’m coming at you early today with a list of links I liked this week, because in about an hour I’ll be SF-bound for work. I actually get to work in the city today. At a wedding. As a server/food photographer with a fantastic caterer [insert all of the excited emojis]. I’ll take a picture and be back Monday :)

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Did you have to parallel park on your driver’s test?

On Sunday afternoon I tried a variation of the coffee nap and found it to be quite nice.

Does this make anyone else laugh?

The first paragraph– so relatable, so wise.

Why you should peel your banana like a monkey.

Let’s go to work.

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friday favorites 05.15

frifaveYou thought I was going to forget about you today, huh? No way. Here I am! Drinking Tejava, eating a brownie, and pulling together a few of the things I liked this week when I happened to sit down long enough to browse the interwebs. Happy Friday!

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I hardly ever have to tie my shoes (hello, birkenstocks and toms!), but this is for the next time I play tennis.

Five things we can learn about lunch from the French.

What the heck, these photos are stunning.

Unfortunately, there’s so much truth in this infographic.

A solution to the dreaded left turn.

Turn your books into art.

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friday favorites 03.20

frifaveHappy Friday, friends! I hope you all had wonderful weeks, wherever you happen to be.

I spent quite a bit of time outside this week, playing tennis and riding bikes. One day I even took my morning workout outside! Yay!

A personal design project and a fun side project for a friend has also kept me busy on the “work” front. I’m hoping to share some work-in-progress glimpses of the personal project here in the next couple of weeks, so be on the lookout for that :)

In the meantime, enjoy some links. And happy weekend.

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friday favorites 03.13

frifaveI didn’t set out to go MIA this week. But you see, good weather has at long last returned to this part of the nation and I have been celebrating. We went out of town for the day on Wednesday, and yesterday I convinced my brother to go play tennis with me. Soaking up the sunshine felt SO nice. Can I just say how wonderful it is to be able to step out of the house or open the car door without experiencing a traumatic reduction in body temperature?

Anyways, now for some links! I mostly read every article in the Etsy seller’s handbook this week as I brush up and prep for my relaunch, but below are some of the fun/pretty/interesting things I came across, for your enjoyment :)

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Mucho respect for Andrew Carmellini.

For your reference, all you paper-writers.

Undeniably normal. And that’s okay :)

Some pretty photos of Italy, just because.


friday favorites 02.13

frifaveFriday Favorites has a new look! For now, at least. I’ve been thinking about nixing the random photos and giving this weekly feature it’s own identity. But believe me, random photos will absolutely still have their place here ;)

+ + + + + + + + + +

These photos do Yosemite justice.

In terms of large chains, I’m a Peet’s person myself.

Good Instagram tips!

I love that they call it Singles Awareness Day.

Note to self: you should work out more regularly.


friday favorites 01.30

follow the ikea arrow.These words.

So basically I learned that every time I go to the coffee shop I break the law. (Because I don’t even know how many blocks I’d have to walk in opposite directions to even find a real, painted crosswalk. That’s a town with an overall walkscore of 32 for you.)

Funny all the way through: Men’s Illustrated Guide to Buying Flowers.

This GIF essay will not give you a good feeling.

A straight up time-waster. (But I got 10 out of 10!!)

Hahahahahaha. What is this world coming to?


friday favorites 01.23

 We are not our jobs. #identity

Considering how much ice cream I’ve been making lately, I need this information.

I’m partial to the makeshift double-boiler method, but this looks so fun!!

I wonder.

Ojai has been popping up so much lately on different blogs I follow. Maybe it’s a sign. I want to go.

Go pick mushrooms.

Cycling: “a harmony of diversity.”

And finally, I’ve really been enjoying the work of Jessie Webster this week.