friday favorites 12.19

IMG_8840FRIDAY IS HERE! Yay. I feel like this week went by so fast again and every day felt like Friday, which could be interpreted as either good or bad. Or neutral.

Anyways, it’s been a pretty great week. On Monday I celebrated my friend Ruth’s birthday (which is actually today- happy birthday, Ruth!).

On Tuesday we finally got the cutest little Christmas tree, so it now feels like Christmas. (I told my friend Danae on the phone yesterday that if it’s childish to love Disneyland and need a tree for it to feel like Christmas, then I’m such a child.)

On Wednesday my mom and I did some secret Christmas stuff.

Yesterday I mailed a package home to our family, trying not to think about the fact that in 6 days they’ll all be gathered together and we won’t, because that’s a rather sad thought.

Today I’m making ice cream, etc. etc.

Because this was such a busy week, I didn’t spend a ton of time with my face behind this screen, so the links will be rather short. Hopefully you will still find something educational/useful/amusing among them. Continue reading

friday favorites 12.05

 I decided it’s been way to long since we’ve had a list of friday favorites (October!!). So here’s a short list of a few great things from the web over the past few weeks… happy reading! Oh, and happy weekend :)

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From one of my current favorite blogs… thoughts on giving gifts.
Infographic! This one is… enlightening.
I am so ready to live in a walkable city.
How famous artists would plate Thanksgiving dinner. (So good!)
A laugh.


what’s on my side table.

books_01Instead of showing you what’s in my bag or something, I’m going to show you what’s on the little table next to my side of the couch :) In addition to some Printics, a lamp, and a coaster, these are the books you’ll find there currently… Continue reading

my favorite childhood books

My mom started taking my brother and I to the library when we were quite young, and I will always be grateful that the library was such a huge part of my childhood. I would check out precariously high stacks of books on each weekly visit, then go home and devoured them, often reading one per day. Summer reading programs were always a breeze, and I loved them. I was going to read anyway, so why not participate in something that would reward me with free In-n-Out?? Continue reading