beach trip | santa cruz + aptos

 Alternate title: Scenes from the best Wednesday ever.

The only plans we had were to visit Natural Bridges State Beach, cook our lunch on the beach, get coffee at Verve, and hit up some bookstores. We played the rest by ear and had the best day ever. We left around 9am on Wednesday and didn’t return until nearly 1am on Thursday. This is what it looks like when 5 good friends head for the beach… Continue reading

the one in iphone photos.

 My Grammy and I began to brainstorm a fun little trip we could take while I was home. Napa and Carmel were contenders, but I didn’t necessarily want to be gone for too long, and both of those locations, though doable in just one day, would’ve benefited from at least one night away.

Under any other circumstances I would’ve jumped at the chance of a two or three day trip, but I had too many favorite humans to spend time with in the valley, so a one-day coastal road trip was decided on.

Pacifica to Santa Cruz on Highway 1, just the two of us, with the hills on our left and the ocean on the right… basically the best. Continue reading

ice cream shops you should know about

Processed with VSCOcam with f1 presetIce cream is one of my favorite things. I eat it year-round and consider it appropriate always, even in colder months. My philosophy? Some months are best for eating ice cream outside, and other months are best for eating ice cream inside.

This month has been so full that I feel sort of lost when it comes to relaying events here on my blog. I’ve been looking for themes to break posts into, and one emerged very quickly… ice cream. Here are three places I love that you should know about (and visit if you have the chance).

As an added plus, all three of these shops use fresh, local, and organic ingredients to make their ice creams! Continue reading