sunday in the city

 dolores park | maci brittSundays in the city are one of my most favorite things ever. You probably know this if you’ve read my blog for any length of time, and you certainly know this if we know each other in person. Sundays + SF… I love it. Add to that equation sunshine, a best friend, and a whole day to do whatever we want? PERFECTNESS. Continue reading

blurry sf | free iphone wallpaper

wallpaperHappy Monday, friends! I was hoping to get a photo-filled blog post out today, but was thrown a few curveballs which prohibited me from being in front of my laptop (or even sitting down in general) for very long.

However, I wanted to share this one photo with you before the day ends and make it available as a free download for your phone wallpaper! I’ve been enjoying it on my own phone for the past handful of days and I hope you will too :)

iPhone 4 / iPhone 5 / iPhone 6


paper and things.

 I don’t hoard things as a general rule. In my ideal world, all of my belongings can fit into two suitcases. That would be dreamy.

However, my minimalist intentions breakdown over one thing- paper. Letters, invitations to parties and fliers from events, magazines, receipts from special coffee dates or lunches with friends, fastpasses from Disneyland, etc… I have the hardest time throwing stuff like that away. The problem is that I’m not a scrapbooker or Project Life-er, so I just keep all of these loose mementos in a dresser drawer. Occasionally I’ll pull the drawer out, sit on the floor, and leisurely rifle through the paper and their attached memories.

After an almost exclusively digital week I needed to handle some paper, so today out came the drawer. I wanted to show you a few of my favorite things that it contains. Continue reading