friday favorites 05.01

frifaveBeauty in graphic/web design [insert starry-eyed emoji].

Families ditch cars for cargo bikes.

The myth of working your way through college. (Lot’s of numbers, but super interesting.)

I love food videos so much.

Santa Barbara weddings, you know?

25 ways to savor spring. (I’ve already done 5!)



friday favorites 04.17

frifaveI only have three measly links and I’m one day late with them. But in my defense I spent Monday packing, Tuesday through Thursday in the car, and all of Friday at Great America and a going-away party for a friend. So that didn’t leave much time for reading or blogging, obviously. I’d feel terrible if I completely skipped a week of Friday Favorites though, so here I am, popping in on a Saturday before the farmers market :)

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I never ignore a good-looking brownie recipe.

This place is closed now, but gosh, what a beautiful space! I particularly love the ice cream scoops hanging on the wall.

Outside the crop. I LOVE this.

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That’s all I’ve got!! I promise to be better next week. See you Monday!


friday favorites 03.06

frifaveHappy Friday!!! I only have a few links to share today, but I want to know: what’s the best thing you came across on the internet this week? Leave a link in the comments!

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Epic SF.

This is a rather brilliant cookie concept.

I love the open living room/kitchen in this apartment.

And finally, how to order coffee.


friday favorites 02.27

frifaveList of cities most concerned about eating organic food.

My bestie wrote a book review and now I want to read Attachments.

Molly Yeh went to Europe on her honeymoon and wrote about Vienna this week. The photos make me want to head there stat.

Feeling good? How does your state rank?

I love the side-by-side comparison.

Natasha + London + film.